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  • Gardner Audiology Telehealth in 2018

    During my residency with Gardner Audiology, I have had the opportunity to utilize telehealth for patient care and for educational purposes. Telehealth provides patients with more accessibility and flexibility when scheduling appointments. Educationally, I can use telehealth to provide services to our patients while still being supervised remotely. Telehealth has become part of my daily schedule and has a variety of uses in health care.     The audiologists at Gardner Audiology use telehealth to provide… [Read More]

    Best Audiologist in Citrus Park, Tampa, Florida

    Choosing the best audiologist for your hearing needs is one of the first steps in improving your hearing.  If you are searching for the best audiologist in Citrus Park, please consider Dr. Rachel Conter.  She is a Board Certified Doctor of Audiology, graduating from University of South Florida in Tampa, FL.  Dr. Conter is a… [Read More]

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