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Alvarez Audiology – Tampa Location

We are now part of Gardner Audiology!

A Note from Dr. Indira Alvarez

Dear Patients, Friends, and Neighbors.

Due to overwhelming need to accommodate my growth and my patients’ need for expanded services, I am consulting with my long term Gardner Audiology associates.

I welcome Audiologists Dan Gardner, Dr. Jodi Conter and Dr. Bart Baker, formerly with Farrior Ear Clinic. They have taken over the day to day operations for Alvarez Audiology patients. I continue to be available for one on one consultation with my established patients especially those who suffer from tinnitus (ringing, clicking, hissing or roaring sounds in ears)

My staff, Blair Driscoll and Janet Howell continue to be part of our team.
Your past service and warranties will continue without change.

Hearing Aid Center
6615 Gunn Hwy.
Tampa, FL 33625
Phone: 813-265-2255
Text: 1-727-379-2123

Dr. Indira Alvarez
Now Gardner Audiology

Dr. Indira Alvarez started her practice here in her hometown in 2008. She is one of only two Board Certified private practice audiologists in Tampa, and the only bilingual Doctor of Audiology in Tampa. Her doctoral training and board certification distinguish her as possessing exceptional knowledge, a lifelong commitment to learning, and dedication to professional ethical practice.