Lend Your Earz

Tampa Bay Invited to Join Gardner 2017 Hearing Aid Comparison Study Gardner Audiology Doctors will provide the below services in exchange for participants completing a pre and post fitting survey. Earn up to $2300 in rewards All Free: Candidate screening, evaluations, fittings, and loan of new hearing technology. Call 1-800-277-1182. Free candidate screenings provided St…. [Read More]

Pinellas Park Regal Cinema accommodates people who suffer hearing loss

Article by John Prokop This is just a quick update to people in Tampa Bay who have hearing loss and enjoy going to the theater.. I went to see a movie this afternoon at the Pinellas Park Regal Cinema. They have an advertisement for “hearing loss assistive devices” at the theatre now, in a…

Gardner Audiology Patient Comments on New Starkey Muse 2400 Hearing Aid

Hearing Aid Buyers Beware

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has recently eliminated the need for people who sell hearing aids to obtain medical waivers from consumers. For many years the Food and Drug Administration has required anyone who sells hearing aids to advise people that it is in their best interest to see a medical doctor especially if… [Read More]

2016 Hearing Aid Study for Music and More

The new Starkey Muse family of hearing aids was designed to do everything that all major brands of hearing aids do but they added something. Starkey engineers designed the hearing aid electronics to identify and enhance the sound of music. Gardner Audiology, known for its consumer research, decided to survey 162 new and experienced hearing… [Read More]

Hearing Loss Does Not Define Me (Part 1)

This is a moving story that all people with hearing loss should read. There are 3 parts. Below is an excerpt of part one with a link to the full story.

Medicare Advantage Plans and Hearing Aids in Tampa Bay

Medicare Advantage plans are very popular in the Tampa Bay Area and many of our patients are enrolled in that type of insurance. Do those Medicare Advantage Plans pay for hearing aids? There is not a short answer to this question. Each plan is different and while some have no benefit at all, others have… [Read More]

Hearing Loss Story by: Professor Marilyn Hankins Orlando, Florida

Hearing Loss Story by: Professor Marilyn Hankins Orlando, Florida Hearing loss is a genetic and “inherited” problem within my mother’s family. For my maternal aunts & uncles, their hearing loss problem began around age 40. When this happened to me, I was working for Public TV & Radio where the ability to hear clearly is… [Read More]

Key West Trolley is a Model for Companies that want to Accommodate People with Hearing Loss

Article by John Prokop Hello Fellow Hearing Loss Colleagues, I think it’s really important to share information in this group, when we find accommodating businesses and vendors who make the extra effort and go the extra mile, to accommodate our needs. Last week I was in Key West, Florida and my wife and I wanted… [Read More]

FLAA Legislative Alert – FDA Announcement Regarding Medical Evaluations/Waivers

Your FLAA Board has just learned that the FDA made the following announcement this morning at the meeting on Affordable and Accessible Hearing Care at the National Academy of Sciences (NAS): FDA just announced at NAS meeting that the medical evaluation or waiver will no longer be required for adults effective immediately. View all of… [Read More]