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2017 Tele-Audiology Consumer Opinion Study

Gardner Audiology, a Tampa Bay hearing healthcare company, collected consumer opinion surveys from 117 patients who were offered Tele-Audiology services in 2017. The hearing doctors of Gardner are pioneers of Tele-Audiology. During the past 3 years they have installed virtual exam rooms in 7 locations. In March of 2017 they formally began offering remote hearing… [Read More]

Eliminate Confusion About Hearing Aid Ads – ABC Action News with Dr. Jodi Conter

Audiologist, Dr. Jodi Conter was a guest on the Morning Blend show of ABC Action News in Tampa. She helped viewers clear the confusion that many consumers have when shopping for the best hearing aid. Gardner Audiology is a 30 year old Tampa Bay hearing healthcare company. They are hearing doctors, not salesmen, and are… [Read More]

Overview of iQ hearing aids from Starkey Hearing Technologies

This article was written in conjunction with Carolyn Rosemurgy, B.A Starkey has introduced its newest hearing technology, the IQ product line, which includes the Muse IQ, SoundLens Synergy IQ and the Halo IQ. The IQ hearing aids provide improved spatial awareness, personalization and clarity, so listeners are fully immersed in their environmental surroundings. The IQ… [Read More]

Gardner Hearing Aid Reviews Updated for 2017

Gardner Audiology has updated their reviews of some of the most popular hearing aid brands for the brand new year. Click the links below to read the updated 2017 reviews by our Audiologists. Updated Reviews for 2017 Unitron was founded in 1964 and has its international headquarters in Ontario, Canada. Unitron is part of the… [Read More]

Athena Alliance Review

I would like to introduce you to The Athena Alliance, a consulting company that can take your audiology practice to the next level. I know first hand about Dr. Indira Alvarez, the founder. I purchased her well organized and well staffed audiology company located in Tampa, Florida. That purchase was a turn key solution to… [Read More]

Tinnitus relief from hearing aids

Gardner Audiology, a Tampa Bay hearing healthcare company has has approximately 10,000 patients. Many of them have obtained relief with our prescription hearing aids. Often called “ringing in the ears,” tinnitus is the perception of a sound in a person’s ears or head that has no external source. Many people with tinnitus experience a ringing,… [Read More]

What type of hearing loss do you have?

Below is a brief explanation of each of the three basic types of hearing loss as described by the Better Hearing Institute: 1) sensorineural, 2) conductive, and 3) mixed. Gardner Audiology has almost 10,000 patients throughout Tampa Bay with one of these types of hearing loss. The first step in any attempt to improve hearing… [Read More]

La compañía principal de Tampa Bay para servicios de audiología y audífonos para la comunidad Hispana

En su esfuerzo por ayudar a todos los residentes de Tampa Bay a recibir servicios de atención auditiva de calidad, Gardner Audiology anuncia tener profesionales y personal administrativo que se pueden comunicar en español o en inglés para proveer evaluaciones auditivas, audífonos y entre otras necesidades de atención auditiva. Fundada por el Audiologo Dan Gardner,… [Read More]

Tampa Bay’s premier company for Spanish speaking Audiology and hearing aid services.

In it’s effort to help all Tampa Bay residents receive quality hearing healthcare services Gardner Audiology announces that they have consumer access to both English and Spanish speaking professionals and administrative staff who can provide them with hearing evaluations, hearing aids, and all other hearing healthcare needs. Founded by Audiologist Dan Gardner, Gardner Audiology is… [Read More]

Gardner Audiology at 2017 Florida Academy of Audiology convention.

Gardner Doctors of Audiology and hundreds of other hearing health care professionals attended the successful 2017 Florida Academy of Audiology convention in Orlando, Florida. Many hearing healthcare manufacturers such as Starkey, Oticon, Phonak, Widex, Signia, Starkey and Resound displayed new technology. The premier consumer advocate group, Florida Chapter of Hearing Loss Association of America was… [Read More]