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Phonak Hearing Aid Review by Gardner Audiology

2015 Update:

Staefa, Switzerland – January 15, 2015 – Phonak announces the launch of the Roger EasyPen, another Roger wireless microphone for adults and teenagers. The Roger EasyPen is an inconspicuous device in the shape of an ordinary pen, but it is packed with Roger technology which has been scientifically proven to help hearing instrument users understand up to 62%* more speech in noise and over distance than people with no hearing loss. The discreet design helps users to take the device to meetings and public places, where normally they often would hesitate to bring assistive listening devices. The new Roger EasyPen extends the already powerful Roger portfolio of the Roger Pen and Roger Clip-On Mic and bundles maximum performance with ultimate simplicity.

Phonak is a Swiss company specializing in hearing aids and wireless technology. They are one of the six largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world. The company traces its roots back to 1947. In 1995, Phonak launched AudioZoom, pioneering the multi-microphone technology. In 2006, Phonak started the global Hear the World initiative to raise awareness about the importance of hearing and the consequences of hearing loss. The initiative addresses the social and psychological effects of hearing loss, and provides information on prevention and solutions.

Phonak has been a strong force in creating solutions for pediatric hearing impairment and is well known for wireless FM that has been used in school systems for decades.

Phonak is a part of the Sonova Group that also includes Unitron hearing instruments and Advanced Bionic cochlear implants.

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