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Starkey Hearing Aid Model Review by Gardner Audiology

Starkey 2017 Update

Starkey is one of the top six companies in worldwide hearing aid production and sales. This innovative company was founded in 1967 by William Austin who is well known for his efforts to help the world hear with free hearing clinics through the efforts of the nonprofit Starkey Hearing Foundation.

My staff and I are very experienced Starkey providers. Starkey has partnered with Gardner Audiology to perform hearing research field studies of their products.

Notable features of Starkey hearing aids:

  • The newest Starkey hearing aid, the Muse iQ, offers improved speech understanding even in the noisiest environments.
  • Starkey hearing aids are a good choice for Floridians because of their patented watertight casing that minimizes repair problems due to humidity and perspiration. They have over 50 U.S. patents on their 100% water resistant designs.
  • Wireless streaming for music and phone calls is available using the Starkey Halo hearing aid.
  • Using the TruLink app, Android and iPhone users can make adjustments to their Halo hearing aids to improve the sound quality and personalize their listening experience. Adjustments can be saved and automatically activated upon entering certain locations.
  • Rechargeable hearing aid option available.
  • The Starkey Muse hearing aid processes music differently than speech, significantly improving the sound quality of music.
  • Offers tinnitus relief technology built into the hearing aids.
  • All Starkey hearing aid models, even the least expensive, have the best feedback elimination in the industry. Nobody likes a hearing aid that squeals and whistles, so Starkey is a good choice especially for those with a severe hearing loss.
  • Starkey invests in continuous research and product development. Their hearing aid models are programmable to accept upgrades and improvements.
  • Starkey, an American company based out of Minneapolis, is the best-supported hearing aid manufacturer in the U.S.
  • Starkey builds petite 100% water resistant behind the ear hearing aids and the smallest custom molded in the ear canal hearing aid.
  • Starkey instruments are available through private businesses and they also build hearing aids for retail outlets such as Audibel.

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