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Widex Hearing Aid Review by Gardner Audiology

Updated 2017

In 1956, Harold Spar and Henry Meltser, founders of Hal-Hen, a hearing aid accessories company, teamed up with two Danish families to form Widex, USA. Widex hearing aids are sold in over 100 countries and are headquartered in Denmark. Widex introduced the first digitally programmable hearing aid in 1988.

Notable about Widex

  • The Beyond hearing aid is a made-for-iPhone amplification device that allows users to customize sound for different environments.
  • Offers wireless streaming from the iPhone or television directly to the Beyond hearing aids.
  • The Widex Unique hearing aid is equipped with one of the industry’s best wind reduction systems to improve speech clarity in wind for users who are active outdoors.
  • Offers the wireless CROS and BiCROS solution for single-sided deafness.
  • Widex Zen Therapy, a tinnitus management program, uses fractal tones in the hearing aids in combination with counseling and relaxation techniques to reduce bothersome tinnitus.
  • The Scola FM system for schools transmits speech directly to the hearing aids to provide hearing-impaired children improved speech understanding within the classroom.

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