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  • Flyte Hearing Aid Review, South Tampa, FL

    For better access to affordable hearing aids, Gardner Audiology is a participating BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS) provider. Depending on your BCBS plan, you may have access to one or both of the Flyte hearing aids, manufactured by one of the six international hearing aid companies. For those with access to Flyte hearing aids, you receive quality hearing aids with limited out-of-pocket expense to you. Flyte hearing aids may be available in two… [Read More]

    Review of United Healthcare hearing aid benefits in South Pasadena

    If you are a United Healthcare (UHC) insurance plan patient in South Pasadena and are looking for hearing aids, you may have benefits. Many UCH plans offer varying levels of coverage ranging from a pre-determined amount useable toward your hearing aid purchase, to full coverage for premium technology. Alternatively, your specific plan may only provide an option for mail-order hearing aids. These are generally basic technology devices which are programed remotely and then mailed to your home. In some… [Read More]

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