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Tampa Bay Doctors Look in My Ears

Even though the primary role of an audiologist is to diagnose and treat hearing loss, we are concerned with your overall hearing health. Therefore, anytime you are seen by an audiologist, we will look in your ears with an instrument called an ‘otoscope.’ This instrument allows us to examine various things that are important to… [Read More]

Do I Hear a Roach in my Ear?

We have all heard of it but may be considered a folktale: cockroaches in our ears. So, does it happen? Why does it happen? What do I do if it does?   Recently, our facility had a patient visit the office stating that a bug had flown into his/her ears. Physical examination revealed that a roach… [Read More]

Accessories enhance hearing aid performance in Tampa Bay

A common question I hear as a doctoral resident is, “If I am paying for hearing aids, why should I put forth an extra cost for assistive listening accessories.” First, it is important to remember that hearing aids are a prosthetic device that do not restore normal hearing. Secondly, the way we perceive sound is… [Read More]

Ear Wax aka Cerumen: Friend or Foe?

Ear wax: we tend to think about it with a negative mindset. However, what if I told you that a little bit of ear wax is a good thing? I know you probably have many thoughts running through your mind. For instance, how much wax is too much? Does wax cause hearing loss and/or tinnitus? How… [Read More]

What is a Gardner Audiology Doctoral Extern ?

So, you have finally decided to take the plunge and visit an audiologist for your hearing needs. As you wait for the doctor, you are greeted by an audiology doctoral extern. This may present a variety of questions. Who is an audiology doctoral extern? Are they a doctor? Do they have the capabilities to take… [Read More]

What is the best hearing aid for me in Tampa Bay?

Today’s society is overwhelmed with options for hearing aids, so how can you possibly determine which hearing aid is the best for you? Hearing aids should not be considered a commodity but rather a prosthetic device…a device that you will be incorporating into your daily life. Choosing hearing aids should be based on three major… [Read More]

Can I borrow new hearing aids in Tampa Bay before I decide to purchase them?

Yes, it is true! Gardner Audiology will loan you the hearing aids of your choice before you make a decision to purchase them! Have you been interested in trying hearing aids but afraid to take the plunge? Would you rather try hearing aids to see if you experience benefit before you sign a purchase agreement?… [Read More]

Dizzy and Balance problems: Videonystagmography Testing (VNG) provided at Gardner Audiology in Tampa, Crystal River, and Spring Hill Locations.

Our balance system is complex and phyically joined to the hearing organ (cochlea) Our bodies utilize our vision, where we perceive ourselves within the environment, and our inner ear to maintain our balance. Unfortunately, as we age, more than one in three people over the age of 65 experience falls each year and dizziness may… [Read More]

Gardner Audiology is now dispensing Phonak’s Latest Hearing Aid, the Phonak Marvel, in our Marion, Citrus, Pasco, Hillborough and Pinellas county Locations.

Hearing aids are available through six major manufacturers: Phonak, Starkey, ReSound, Oticon, Unitron, and Widex. How do you know which hearing aid brand is right for you? Hearings aid are now smarter than ever, and many have the capability to connect to your smartphone. In other words, smartphones now have capability to adjust hearing aid… [Read More]

Crystal River, Zephyrhills, and Spring Hill, Best Blue Cross Blue Shield Hearing Aid providers.

Understanding your insurance benefits can be quite difficult, at times. Unfortunately, this may mean that many individuals are not aware that they have an insurance benefit(s) for hearing aids. If you have BlueCross BlueShield, our insurance team can help you determine your potential hearing aid coverage. Potential benefits for hearing aids are structured various different… [Read More]