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You Said My Child Has a Hearing Loss

My daughter’s hearing loss journey began at the age of 3 when she got ahold of a Q-Tip and caused a traumatic injury to her eardrum. She is the cautionary tale of why objects should never be inserted into your ears. Since that time, my daughter has endured countless visits to her primary care physician,… [Read More]

What I Have Learned Working with Gardner Audiology

As I reach the end of my first year working with Gardner, I would like to take a moment to reflect on my journey into the world of Audiology. In some way, audiology has been an ever-present entity in my life though I had never truly realized it. As a young child I suffered frequent… [Read More]

Why some people fail with hearing aids

Why do some individuals thrive with the use of hearing aids while others fail? Turns out there is not one singular reason some people do better than other, but multiple factors which determine an individual’s success. Before pursuing hearing aids, ask yourself “am I ready for hearing aids?” Be honest with yourself and determine if… [Read More]

How My Hearing-Impaired Daughter Deals with Remote Education

In the past few weeks, life as we knew it seemed to flip on its head since COVID-19 began hitting the United States. My daughter, like thousands of other children throughout Florida, has had to deal with the closing of the schools and the transition to virtual learning. As we enter our second week of… [Read More]

Why Hearing Loss Representation Matters

When I was a young child, I was the only kid in my class to wear glasses, and I was constantly teased about the freckles covering my face and arms. When I received my first American Girl Doll catalog, for the first time in my life I felt a connection to a toy. Her name… [Read More]

Everything I wish my Grandfather Knew Before Buying Hearing Aids

About 3 years ago my grandfather was fit with his first set of hearing aids, a set of custom ITE hearing aids from Beltone. His success with the hearing aids has been mediocre at best, he is constantly taking them out of his ears for one reason or another. He feels the hearing aids are… [Read More]