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What Should You Do When Hearing Aids Stop Working Properly in S. Pasadena, Florida?

Hearing aids can do amazing things, but just like anything else you use regularly, they need some routine cleaning once in a while. Just as you would bring your car to the mechanic for an oil change, or another simple, same-day repair, hearing aids should be brought in to your audiologist for routine maintenance.   But what happens… [Read More]

South Pasadena, Florida Patient Testimonial and Review for Phonak Hearing Aids

One of our patients at Gardner Audiology in South Pasadena, Florida was recently fit with the new Phonak Audéo Paradise hearing aids…and boy, was she excited!  SM, who has worn hearing aids for several years, admits that she was never really fully satisfied with her hearing aids. When she was initially fit with hearing aids, she wanted her hearing aids to… [Read More]

Phonak Paradise Hearing Aids in South Pasadena, Florida

“What are the best hearing aids that I can get?” is a common question asked by many patients. Most often, it is not the hearing aid that allows you to be successful, but rather the provider. However, technology has made huge advances over the past few years, and there are just some features you won’t… [Read More]

What is the Difference Between a Hearing Aid and a Sound Amplifier?

Yes, hearing aids and sound amplifiers are very similar…but they are also entirely different! While the idea behind the two devices is very similar – to provide amplification – the purpose of each is not. While sound amplifiers may be useful for some, they are not recommended for the overwhelming majority.    What really is the difference? Hearing… [Read More]

What Causes Tinnitus?

Do you hear ringing or other noises in your ears? That’s called tinnitus – it can sound different to everyone, and can be caused by a few different things.  Most often, tinnitus is a result of (or precursor to) hearing loss. Your brain is realizing that there is damage, and is sending a signal to… [Read More]

Resound One Hearing Aid Pricing from Gardner Audiology in Spring Hill, Florida

Hearing aids come in a range of technology levels, which means there is a range of prices. Depending on the hearing healthcare provider, your insurance coverage, and additional included services, there can be quite the variety of prices even for the same product.   At Gardner Audiology in Spring Hill, Florida they offer competitive pricing for all manufacturers, including Resound hearing… [Read More]

Humana Medicare Hearing Provider in Inverness, FL

Do you or a loved one struggle to understand in conversation? At Gardner Audiology, our Doctors can work with you to help you hear better with hearing aids. One reason many patients hesitate before pursuing hearing aids is cost; they can be a big investment. Traditional Medicare does not provide hearing aid benefits, however, many of the Medicare Advantage plans offer… [Read More]

Best Resound Hearing Aid Provider in Spring Hill, Florida

Investing in hearing aids can seem like a daunting task. Online research can introduce you to several manufacturers and hearing healthcare providers in your area. One of the manufacturers that has recently grown in popularity is Resound, and one of the best hearing healthcare providers that offers Resound products is Dr. Jodi Conter in Spring Hill, Florida.  Dr…. [Read More]

Humana Medicare Advantage Hearing Aid Providers in Citrus Park, Tampa, Florida

Medicare Advantage open Enrollment is happening now! Eligible patients are able to enroll in Medicare Advantage plans through the beginning of December. Several Medicare Advantage plans are now offering hearing aid benefits, including a few Humana plans! If you are enrolled in Humanachoice Florida PPO or Humana Gold HMO, then you have access to hearing aid benefits!  These Humana Medicare Advantage… [Read More]

Hearing Loss? Should you see a Doctor of Audiology or an ENT physician in Tampa Bay?

You’re having trouble hearing, so who should you see, an ENT physician or a Doctor of Audiology? If you live in the Tampa Bay area you have lots of choices.  ENT physicians are primarily interested in treating ear nose and throat diseases while Audiologists are totally focused on recovering a person’s ability to hear if they have an untreatable hearing loss. Most ENT physicians depend on a Doctor of… [Read More]