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Cuales son los signos de su perdida de audicion?

No esta seguro si necesita un audifono? No estas seguro por donde empezar? Para muchas personas, la perdida de audicion ocurre gradualmente. Puede ser facil no darse cuenta de que tiene diffcultades para escuchar. Aqui hay algunos informes comunes que recibimos de pacientes a los que no se les ha realizado la prueba de audicion… [Read More]

Over-the-counter Hearing Devices

It is well known that only a small amount of the population with hearing loss that could benefit from hearing aids use them. Some of the reasons behind this include satisfaction, access, stigma, and of course, cost! Hearing aids can be notoriously expensive as many insurance companies do not provide benefits for hearing aids or… [Read More]

Do Cheap Hearing Aids Work?

Newpapers are littered with full-page ads regarding hearing aids. Many patients come in wondering why these ads claim great hearing aids and technology at such low prices, when they have paid more or are considering paying more for their current hearing aids.  So, do $499 hearing aids work?  The answer isn’t as easy as it… [Read More]

What medications cause hearing loss?

Often, we associate hearing loss occurring with age.  For some, however, it can be triggered by specific causes of incidents.  Today, we will talk about different medications that can affect your hearing, balance, or ringing in the ears.  Some of these medications only effect hearing at certain dosages.  Do not stop taking or change the dose… [Read More]

Where Is the Best Place to Get a Hearing Test in Clearwater, FL?

Many times, people put off getting a hearing test because they don’t think their hearing is ‘that bad’, or they simply don’t know where to go for an accurate hearing test! Even if you don’t feel you are ready for hearing aids yet, it is important to know the status of your hearing and ways… [Read More]

What are the signs of your hearing Loss?

Are you unsure if you need a hearing aid? Not sure where to start? For many individuals, hearing loss occurs gradually. It can be easy to not notice you are having difficulty hearing. Here are some common reports we receive from patients that have not had their hearing tested before: People sound like they are… [Read More]

BayCare Medicare Advantage Plan Providers in St. Petersburg, FL

Did you sign up for the new BayCarePlus Medicare Advantage Plan this year? Did you know your plan offers hearing aid benefits? Gardner Audiology is an in-network provider for this plan at our Carillon location in St. Petersburg! We have all the information about your benefits, including access to your discount plan on hearing aids!… [Read More]

BayCare Medicare Advantage Plan Providers in Clearwater, FL

The brand new BayCarePlus Medicare Advantage Plan launched in January 2019! This plan bundles your medical, hospital, and prescription drug coverage into one plan. Did you know it also offers hearing aid benefits? Gardner Audiology is proud to be an in-network provider for this plan at all of our locations, including our new Clearwater office!… [Read More]

United Healthcare AARP Medicare Complete Hearing Aid Benefit Updates in Clearwater, FL

For several years now, United Healthcare (UHC) Medicare Complete members had limited hearing aid benefits through HiHealth Innovations, a mail order hearing aid system. These hearing aids are limited, and do not always provide the assistance patients require to put them on the path to better hearing. This year, UHC Medicare Complete benefits have changed…. [Read More]

United Healthcare AARP Medicare Complet Hearing Aid Benefit Updates in Tampa, FL

Gardner Audiology is an in-network provider for United Healthcare in both our South Tampa and Citrus Park locations. Those with United Healthcare (UHC) Medicare Complete have some exciting changes regarding their hearing benefits this year! Previously, members only have access to a mail order hearing aid system, which did not always suit each individual’s needs…. [Read More]