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Will I Go Deaf If I Don’t Wear Hearing Aids?

A common concern and questions from patients when diagnosed with hearing loss is “Will I go deaf?”  Followed by, if I don’t wear my hearing aids all the time, will it make my hearing worse?  While audiologists do not have a crystal ball, typically hearing loss that isn’t caused by a medical condition or incident, progresses slowly over… [Read More]

Authorized SoundGear hearing protection retailer in Pinellas County, Florida

Although hearing protection should be used at some point by most people, the percentage of people who use hearing protection when they should be is very low.  This can be because it isn’t convenient or handy, but a common complaint we receive is “I need to be able to hear around me.”  SoundGear custom hearing protection devices solve… [Read More]

Florida Authorized SoundGear Hearing Protection retailer in Tampa, Florida

Avid hunters and shooters know that quality hearing protection devices are important.  Even more important is the ability to still hear what is going on around you, while still protecting your ears from the damage firing a gun can cause.  Many times, Audiologists hear, “I used to shoot without hearing protection but that was a long time… [Read More]

Ear Impressions for In-Ear Monitors in Pinellas County, Florida

Are you looking for ear impressions to order in-ear monitors?  Gardner Audiology has providers in Pinellas County, Florida that have the background training and skills necessary to take high quality impressions for in-ear monitors.  In-ear monitors are most commonly used by musicians to be able to hear themselves clearly, or fellow musicians.  They are custom molded to your ears… [Read More]

What is a Remote Microphone Hearing Aid Accessory

The most common concern we hear from patients with hearing loss is struggling to hear in a noisy environment.  When you are in background noise, it makes it very difficult to piece out what you want to hear vs what you don’t want to hear.  It also taxes your brain straining to listen, which can… [Read More]

What is a Cochlear Implant?

A cochlear implant is a surgically implanted device that can help people with severe hearing loss hear.  There is a device that sits outside of the head that functions similar to a hearing aid. It picks up sound from a microphone and processes that sound. Different from a hearing aid, a cochlear implant also has a portion… [Read More]

Why Are My Ears Plugged?

Do your ears feel plugged? This sensation can feel similar to flying in a plane or driving at a high elevation and feeling your ears become plugged and muffled.  Some people experience this even when they aren’t in those situations.  The Eustachian Tube connects to the middle ear to regulate pressure in the ear.  It… [Read More]

Widex Moment Hearing Aid Review

When Widex released the Widex Moment, it was proclaimed to be the ‘hearing aid that doesn’t sound like a hearing aid.’  The Moment has a natural sound quality many patients like.  It comes in 3 different size behind-the-ear options including one of the smallest available rechargeable hearing aids and a very small traditional battery hearing aid.  It is also offered in several custom in-the-ear… [Read More]

Review of Phonak Virto M-Titanium Invisible hearing aid review.

One of the smallest hearing aids available on the market is Phonak’s Virto M-Titanium Invisible-in-the-Canal (IIC) hearing aid.  IIC hearing aids are designed to sit deep within your ear canal, close to the ear drum.  This provides one of the most cosmetically discreet profiles, and also helps to prevent some of the potential limitations of completely… [Read More]

Phonak Sky Marvel Pediatric Hearing Aid Review

Not every hearing aid manufacturer makes kid friendly hearing aids.  Phonak is one of the top pediatric hearing aid manufacturers in the industry.  Why do kids need their own hearing aids?  Several reasons.  Pediatric geared hearing aids process sound differently, making sure children have access to all the sound they need!  Also, school systems have special technology… [Read More]