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Is My Hearing Normal for My Age?

During your initial appointment at Gardner Audiology, your audiologist will cover lots of information.  We start with an in-depth case history regarding your hearing and your overall health.  We then assess your hearing, and review your results.  At this point, we are commonly asked, “Is my hearing normal for my age?”  When it comes to… [Read More]

How Does Loud Noise Cause Hearing Loss?

An important question our Doctors of Audiology ask during your case history is if you have been exposed to loud noise.  Loud noise can be very damaging to your ears.  The organ responsible for hearing, the cochlea, is a small and easily damaged part of the body.  There are tiny hair cells inside the cochlea responsible for your… [Read More]

Are My Hearing Aids Waterproof?

Living in sunny Tampa Bay, Florida, a common question we receive from our patients is “Are My Hearing Aids Waterproof?”  At Gardner Audiology, we are fortunate to have active patients who enjoy cycling, going to the beach, kayaking, and many other outdoor activities!  Currently, there are no waterproof hearing aids advertised on the market, however many are… [Read More]

United Healthcare Hearing Aids in Clearwater, FL

Did you know many United Healthcare members have hearing aid benefits?  This year, changes were made to plan benefits to improve access to hearing aids for United Healthcare members.  One of the biggest changes is United Healthcare Hearing’s (UHCH) private label hearing aids, called the Relate.  UHCH teamed up with one of the industry’s major manufacturers… [Read More]

Best Hearing Aids in Clearwater, FL

Just like any other product, hearing aids are made by several manufacturers.  In the hearing industry, we commonly refer to them as the ‘big six’, however there are also other smaller companies that can be included as well.  Most people think of Starkey, Phonak, Oticon, Widex, Resound & Signia as the major hearing aid manufacturers.  Gardner Audiology… [Read More]

How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost in Clearwater?

When deciding what hearing aid is best for you, there are multiple factors to consider.  What will be the best option for your specific hearing loss?  Your lifestyle?  Are their specific options you are wanting from the hearing aid?  And of course, how much do hearing aids cost?  Looking at national averages, hearing aids range… [Read More]

See a Clearwater Doctor, not a salesman, to buy Oticon Hearing Aids

Researching hearing aids can be overwhelming.  With so many options it is hard to know which way to turn!  At Gardner Audiology in Clearwater, FL, we believe in giving you all the tools you need to make a great decision for your hearing!  Not every hearing aid is right for each individual.  We start by assessing… [Read More]

See a Clearwater Doctor, not a salesman, to buy Widex Hearing Aids

What do you look for when deciding on a hearing aid?  Do you look at the features?  The appearance?  Cost?  What about your provider?  An often-overlooked aspect of hearing aids is the qualification of and relationship with your hearing healthcare provider.  You should never feel pressured into a decision regarding hearing aids, and you should feel confident you made the… [Read More]

See a Clearwater Doctor, not a salesman, to buy Signia Hearing Aids

The path to better hearing is very important!  Although the hearing aid you buy plays a role in your success, the provider you work with can play an even bigger role!  It is your audiologist’s job to walk you through the process so you understand what your options are and can make the best decision… [Read More]

See a Clearwater Doctor, not a salesman, to buy Phonak Hearing Aids

Feeling Marvelous?  The Phonak Marvel became a popular hearing aid choice for patients with Android phones as they were one of the first manufacturers to create Bluetooth hearing aids to work with any smart phone, where others had limited options for Android users.  Gardner Audiology in Clearwater, FL can give you information from any manufacturer as we are not limited on… [Read More]