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Patient Testimonial Roundup – Gardner Audiology – “It’s a miracle, I can hear for the first time in years.”

“What a pleasure to meet the personnel at Gardner Audiology in Dunnellon. I am now wearing my first hearing aid and find Dr Schenk and staff to be very knowledgeable and with good rapport” – Ms. Meek, Ocala “It’s a miracle, I can hear for the first time in years. It is a miracle. My… [Read More]

Gardner Audiology Review: “I not only have acceptable hearing, it is definitely at a level above just acceptable!”

“I had suffered for well over a year with a hearing loss, that even though I had been fitted with Phonak Hearing Aids, If the environment was not near ideal, it was necessary for me to be very near to anyone in order to comprehend a conversational interchange. Viewing and understanding the dialog of any… [Read More]