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Are you a cochlear implant candidate?

While most of our patients’ hearing losses can be helped with traditional hearing aids, some patients are candidates for a device called a cochlear implant. A cochlear implant (CI) is a two-part device (internal and external) that delivers sound directly to electrodes surgically implanted in the inner ear.   Cochlear implant candidacy is relatively strict, and this is not… [Read More]

Gardner Audiology Balance Testing (VNG) services in Tampa, Florida

Studies show up to 40% of Americans in Tampa Bay will experience dizziness or balance issues at some point throughout their lifetime. While dizziness can have many causes including medication, blood pressure and other medical conditions, issues with the ears are a common cause as our balance system, or Vestibular system, is located in the… [Read More]

Phonak Marvel Hearing Aid Provider in Tampa, Saint Petersburg and Clearwater

Android phone connectivity with the new Phonak Marvel is a hot topic with hearing aids at our offices in Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater, FL. Smartphones can be used to adjust volume, programs, stream music, phone calls and more. Until the recent release of the Phonak Marvel direct streaming to both ears could only be… [Read More]

BlueCross BlueShield Hearing Aid Providers and plans in Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater.

In Tampa and St. Petersburg we frequently find that many patients think they do not have insurance benefits for hearing aids when they actually do! If you have BlueCross BlueShield, an insurance expert here at Gardner Audiology in the Tampa Bay area, can help you determine your potential hearing aid coverage. Hearing aid benefits are… [Read More]

Tampa, Saint Petersburg United Healthcare Hearing Aid Benefits and Providers

United Healthcare hearing aid Insurance benefits can be difficult because of the multiple plan options. The best way to determine your United Healthcare benefits is to talk with a hearing practice insurance specialist. A specialist here at Gardner Audiology would be happy to verify your benefits and explain them to you so you can make… [Read More]

What is a Doctor of Audiology?

Many of our patients are curious to know what exactly an Audiologist is and what the requirements are to become an Audiologist. Some are unaware that most Audiologists hold a Doctoral Degree, called an Au.D., which is a Clinical Doctorate. The first step to becoming an Audiologist is to complete a four-year undergraduate degree. Most… [Read More]

What to expect at your hearing test!

Many new patients report that they haven’t had their hearing tested recently. Some haven’t had a hearing evaluation in 20 years, or their last test may even date back to grade school. If it has been a while since your last hearing evaluation, you might not know what to expect. A diagnostic hearing evaluation includes… [Read More]

Puede la perdida de audicion afectar su memoria?

Por lo tanto, usted nota una disminucion en su audiencia. Pero no es un gran problema … Correcto? Con frecuencia vemos pacientes que admiten que tienen un problema de audicion pero que no estan interesados en el tratamiento porque sienten que la perdida de audicion no esta afectando sus vidas lo suficiente. Si tiene problemas… [Read More]

Can Hearing Loss Affect Your Memory?

So, you notice a decline in your hearing. But it’s not a big deal…. right? We frequently see patients who admit they have a hearing problem but are not interested in treatment because they feel the hearing loss isn’t impacting their lives enough. A recent study by Johns Hopkins’ Frank Lin, MD, PhD and colleagues… [Read More]

New hearing aid models are more cosmetically appealing!

Today, there seems to be a stigma around the “look” of hearing aids. Studies show on average patients adopt hearing aids ten years after noticing a hearing problem. This may be due to fear of visibility. As providers, we often think of the benefits of technology rather than cosmetic concerns. We acknowledge, however, that this… [Read More]