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T.V. Streamers Optimize Satisfaction with Hearing Aids

Recently I saw a patient who wears Starkey Wi i110’s. She loves the hearing aids and also purchased a remote with them. She came in to see me for her bi-annual clean and check and stated she was frustrated on her cell phone and in several listening environments. I discussed with her the SLM2 (SurfLink… [Read More]

Hearing aids in both ears are superior in Inverness, Citrus County, Florida

HR came to the Gardner Audiology Inverness office for one of his bi annual checks of his one year old Starkey X110 hearing aid. He is currently wearing one hearing aid. HR said there were certain situations where his hearing aid was unsatisfactory. He was having a hard time with hearing conversation. He decided to… [Read More]

Starkey Surflink Mobile Gave Him the Best Hearing Aid Value in Citrus County, Florida

WR came in to try new hearing aids in our current comparison field study. He wanted to compare with his most recent hearing aids to see if he could understand conversation and television better. He decided on trying the Starkey Wi110 wireless technology. He also opted to also try the wireless remote control and TV… [Read More]

Real Time Internet Hearing Aid Adjustment

Patient L.C visited me today for a 4 month maintenance on his hearing aids. During this visit he shared that he was struggling to hear in church, at meetings and some other environments. He wanted more volume from his hearing aids. No audiologist was in the office today so instead of him having to come… [Read More]