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Gardner Audiology Doctoral Extern Spotlight: Casey Curran

Each year, Gardner Audiology takes on a few Doctor of Audiology externs. What does this mean? An audiology extern is a student in the last year of their doctoral program, who has completed all required coursework. The only requirement left to fulfill is clinical hours. When Gardner Audiology takes on externs, they are helping students in that last… [Read More]

Covid Update to our Valued Gardner Audiology Patients

We are reaching out to assure you that as the Covid 19 situation continues to change your Gardner Audiology hearing care team are here to safely service your needs At Gardner Audiology, we are offering telemedicine and in-person appointments, and we are taking all necessary steps to protect you before, during and after your visit… [Read More]

Gardner Audiology COVID-19 Protocols – PLEASE READ!

We want to provide the BEST and SAFEST care for all of our patients and employees. Our goal will ALWAYS remain the same: To improve the quality of peoples’ lives with the best possible hearing and more affordable hearing solutions.   Here is how we are ensuring our patients’ and employees’ safety during this unprecedented time:  Doors remain locked to prohibit walk-ins and patients sharing the lobby.  We will ask… [Read More]

Signia Hearing Aid Repair Center, Palm Harbor, Florida

Signia hearing aids are one of the top six hearing aid brands in the world. Gardner Audiology, a premier Signia provider, has an onsite repair lab that services both Signia hearing aids but also Siemens, their predecessor. Dr. Rachel Conter manages the repair lab and also provides services for patients who choose to buy Signia… [Read More]

Palm Harbor’s premier Blue Cross Blue Shield hearing aid provider

If you live in the vicinity of Palm Harbor, Clearwater, Florida, have Blue Cross Blue Shield hearing aid benefits, please contact Dr. Rachel Conter. She is Gardner’s Pinellas county team leader for BCBS benefits. Blue Cross Blue Shield has many plans that offer hearing aid benefits, Dr. Conter is an in network provider for most… [Read More]

New all make hearing aid repair lab in Palm Harbor, Florida

Gardner Audiology, a Palm Harbor, Tampa Bay hearing healthcare provider, has an onsite repair lab for brand name hearing aids such as Phonak, Starkey. Signia, Widex, Oticon, and Starkey. Dr, Rachel Conter is the audiologist in change of all hearing aid repairs. She has a relationship with most manufacturers, honors their warranties  and knows how… [Read More]

Doctor Rachel Conter opens new hearing clinic in Palm Harbor, Florida

Gardner Audiology is now accepting appointments for their new hearing center in Palm Harbor, Florida. This new clinic is managed by Audiologist, Dr. Rachel Conter. Dr. Conter earned her doctorate degree in audiology from the University of South Florida and has been part of the Gardner Audiology team since she joined them while in high… [Read More]

COVID-19 Update from Gardner Audiology

Due to healthcare regulations, we are not seeing patients face to face until sometime in April. Our hearing aid repair labs are open by appointment only. Consultations with an audiology doctor are available through FaceTime or with our video conference invitation. Call Leslie at 1-800-277-1182. She will connect you to one our repair technicians, or… [Read More]

Free Loan of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Hearing Aids in Tampa Bay

Gardner Audiology is seeking participants for a hearing aid comparison study of the newest hearing technology. In exchange for their opinion, participants will receive all Doctor services free of charge including exams, hearing aid fittings, follow up care and free loan of hearing aids. At the end of two weeks, participants will return their study… [Read More]

Walmart Hearing Assist HA-802 rechargeable hearing aid review.

Walmart has been advertising the Hearing Assist HA-802 rechargeable hearing aid in Central Florida. To be clear, these aids are not sold at local Walmart stores in Florida but you can order them online from In some states such as Texas, North Carolina, Colorado and a few others you can purchase them in the… [Read More]