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COVID-19 Update from Gardner Audiology

Due to healthcare regulations, we are not seeing patients face to face until sometime in April. Our hearing aid repair labs are open by appointment only. Consultations with an audiology doctor are available through FaceTime or with our video conference invitation. Call Leslie at 1-800-277-1182. She will connect you to one our repair technicians, or… [Read More]

Free Loan of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Hearing Aids in Tampa Bay

Gardner Audiology is seeking participants for a hearing aid comparison study of the newest hearing technology. In exchange for their opinion, participants will receive all Doctor services free of charge including exams, hearing aid fittings, follow up care and free loan of hearing aids. At the end of two weeks, participants will return their study… [Read More]

Walmart Hearing Assist HA-802 rechargeable hearing aid review.

Walmart has been advertising the Hearing Assist HA-802 rechargeable hearing aid in Central Florida. To be clear, these aids are not sold at local Walmart stores in Florida but you can order them online from In some states such as Texas, North Carolina, Colorado and a few others you can purchase them in the… [Read More]

This is your invitation for Free Loan of Livio Hearing Aid

The first hearing aid with artificial intelligence.  Time Magazine award for one of the 100 best inventions. Imagine an affordable hearing aid with a tiny, intelligent microchip that: Mimics your ear’s natural hearing. Delivers understandable sound quality in noisy places.  Compatible with iPhone’s and some Android phones.  No batteries to change. Select models can translate… [Read More]

Hearing Doctors vs Big Box Aid Stores.

“I appreciated the choice of going to a smaller hearing aid.  I never wore my old ones because they were big and never fit right.  I wear these all the time until I go to bed.  Even my husband is nicer because he doesn’t have to repeat himself a million times!  I always feel like… [Read More]

Gardner Audiology Event at Heritage Presbyterian, Largo, May 2019

At Gardner Audiology, our audiologists love to take the time to go out into the community and provide information and education regarding your hearing health and hearing aids.  This week, we were given the opportunity to speak to residents of Heritage Presbyterian in Largo, FL and answer any questions they might have!  We received some… [Read More]

Dizzy and Balance Testing in Citrus Park, Tampa, FL

Do you experience frequent dizziness, spinning, falls, or the feeling of being off balance? Audiologists are doctors for both hearing and balance. Our Gardner Audiologists in Citrus Park, Tampa, FL have the ability to assess your balance system with special equipment Our Audiologists will ensure you are informed on the process before, during, and after… [Read More]

Do you need a hearing test in Tampa Bay, Florida?

  Consumer reports recently posted an article detailing some expert advice on when and how often you should get a hearing test. This article details why getting tested is important, spotting possible signs of hearing trouble, how to be sure whether there’s a problem, and the best ways to get tested correctly. This article also… [Read More]

Gardner Audiology Announces New Location in Dunnellon, Marion County, Florida

Gardner Audiology is now accepting appointments at their new Dunnellon location. Dr. Angela Schenk and her associates will be helping improve the quality of people’s lives with the best possible hearing. Gardner Audiology Doctors are providers for Medicare, Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tricare, Care Plus, Federal Employee Plans and many more…. [Read More]

Gardner Audiologists Discuss NEW Starkey Livio Hearing Aids

Exciting new products are coming this year! Dr. Jodi Conter and Dr. Rachel Conter sit down and discuss the new Starkey Livio hearing aid. This device features fall detection, heart rate monitoring, Google Assistant and more.