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Inexpensive Hearing Aids Available in Tampa Bay

Hearing Aids, especially for a first-time user, can be a large investment both personally and financially. However, there are options that don’t have to break the bank.  When searching for the right hearing aid, it is important to find the one that is right for your hearing loss, your lifestyle, and of course your budget!  Here at Gardner Audiology,… [Read More]

Citrus County Audiologist Offering Dizzy and Balance Assessments.

Dizziness and balance disorders can be a challenging and debilitating ordeal to go through. In some disorders, a patient can even feel like the room-or they themself-are spinning. This phenomenon is called vertigo and it can be a sign of pathology of the balance system.  One’s balance system is maintained by three different systems that work together and… [Read More]

Why can’t I understand their speech when someone is wearing a face mask?

During this pandemic, face masks have become the new normal. Whether it’s a quick trip to the grocery store or a routine doctor’s visit, face masks can negatively affect communication for people with hearing loss. This is due to lack of visual input as well as the mask’s effect higher pitch sounds, such as consonants which are responsible for… [Read More]

Crystal River Humana Medicare In Network Hearing Aid Provider

Did you know that the Humana Medicare Advantage plan offers discounted pricing for hearing aids? They work with Hear USA to provide discounts and service plans for a variety of hearing aids on the market. That means a great selection of the technology you need at a more affordable price. Here at Gardner Audiology, we… [Read More]

United Healthcare Medicare Hearing Aid Provider in Crystal River, Florida

There are several United Healthcare Medicare Advantage plans available to Florida residents; many of which offer hearing aid benefits! These plans can help bring down the cost of hearing aids compared to your cost without insurance.  United Healthcare Hearing, or Epic, is a third-party company contracted with United Healthcare Medicare plans that provide hearing aid benefits to members. They provide… [Read More]

2021 Freedom Health Medicare Hearing Aid Provider in Crystal River, FL

It’s time for Medicare “Open Enrollment” through December 15th, 2020. Now is the time to check if your advantage plan has hearing coverage. Freedom Health is a Medicare advantage plan that offers discounts and service plans for their members’ hearing healthcare needs! They have discounts from entry level to premium level and work with the… [Read More]

Take Control of Starkey Hearing Aids in Crystal River, Citrus County, FL

Starkey, one of the six major hearing aid manufacturers newest hearing aid, the Livio Artificial Intelligence (AI) not only offers exemplary sound quality and feedback management, it also offers connectivity with both Apple iPhones and select Android phones. What is this connectivity? For starters, the Livio AI can be connected to your smartphone for direct… [Read More]

Crystal River Audiologists loan Starkey Hearing Aids to the Public

Have you noticed a decline in your hearing? Maybe you can tell your friends and family are talking to you, but you can’t quite understand what they are saying. It might be time to consider hearing aids. Here at Gardner Audiology, we offer you the unique experience of trying a set of hearing aids without… [Read More]

See a Doctor, Not a Salesman, to Buy Phonak Hearing Aids in Crystal River, Florida

Phonak, one of the six major hearing aid manufacturers, constantly pushes the envelope with the newest technological advances. They were one of the first manufacturers to release a hearing aid with Bluetooth connectivity for both apple and android smart phones.  Their latest hearing aid, the Phonak Marvel, is able to connect with a smart phone without the use of… [Read More]

How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost in Crystal River, Citrus County Florida?

After being diagnosed with a hearing loss, there are many questions that can arise about treating it with hearing aids.  What style is best for your type of hearing loss? How active is your lifestyle? What options, such as rechargeable batteries or phone connectivity, are important for you? Above all, what will they cost?   U.S. data suggests that hearing aids… [Read More]