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Gardner Audiologist, Dr. Angela Schenk supports Hearing Care for Children Act

We spent Wednesday, January 10, at the Capitol building in Tallahassee seeking support for Senate Bill 890 and recently introduced House Bill 1427, The Hearing Care for Children Act. My boys, Nick and Alex were with me and approximately 50 other Audiologists, Audiology students from USF, UF and FSU, and other families visited every senator… [Read More]

Medicare Advantage Plans offer token hearing aid benefits for Tampa Bay Consumers

While straight Medicare does not cover hearing aids, some Medicare Advantage Plans offer a benefit towards hearing aids. Each plan and each benefit is different and then other plans will have no benefit at all. Beware, sometimes this “benefit” is simply a discount and may not be the best value for you. Freedom and Optimum… [Read More]

Gardner Audiologist warns about untreated hearing loss in Citrus, Pasco, Hillsborough, and Pinellas Counties

Untreated hearing loss is a growing epidemic and we at Gardner Audiology see the negative results of untreated hearing loss in Tampa Bay every day. When the National Institutes for Deaf and other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) reports that 1/3 of Americans between the ages of 65-74 and over ½ of the adults over age 75… [Read More]

Free Telephones for people with loss in Tampa Bay

A common problem for many people with hearing loss is being able to hear on the telephone. Most hearing aids have an option to help with the telephone; however, sometimes it still isn’t enough. We now have a new option for those individuals. The CapTel Captioned Telephone is available for anyone with hearing loss. The… [Read More]

Does Medicare cover hearing aids in Tampa Bay and surrounding areas?

A question heard in every Audiology practice: “Does Medicare cover hearing aids?” Unfortunately, there is no longer a simple answer to this age old question. So let’s break it down a little: Original Medicare Parts A and B do not cover for hearing aids at all. If you have a secondary insurance and it is… [Read More]

Water tight Starkey Muse hearing aids and water aerobics in Inverness, Citrus County, Tampa Bay, Florida

RB is a longstanding Gardner Audiology patient and has purchased several sets of hearing aids over the years. She is always eager to come in for a trial when new hearing aids come out. She is always stating “she wants to hear the best she can hear”. RB’s current hearing aids were five year old… [Read More]

Starkey Muse i2400 hearing aid enhances his enjoyment of the arts in Citrus County, Tampa Bay, Florida

SD came into Gardner Audiology on referral from a friend. He has never worn hearing aids and a bit anxious about trying them. RD reports having difficulty understanding television well, but also his wife is reporting he is not hearing her well and that the television is “just too loud”. SD participates in local arts… [Read More]

Dr. Angela Schenk, a Gardner Audiologist in Crystal River, Citrus County Florida is a True Hearing and Florida Blue Cross Blue Shield hearing aid provider.

Gardner Audiology is a long time audiology and hearing aid provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida. BCBS manages hearing benefits for many retirees such as Federal Employee plans and others. Plans with true benefits provide a free hearing aid or aids to their members but for those who do not have true benefits,… [Read More]

Pronto Bone Anchored Hearing Aid Update in Tampa bay

My son, N.S., continues to do well with his Oticon Medical Ponto Pro Bone anchored hearing aids. He was initially implanted July 2014 with abutment placement September 2014. He is currently easing into his second half of first grade. During the school day he uses both Baha devices, the Oticon Medical streamer to connect to… [Read More]

The Hearable Dash

One of the interesting products featured at the Starkey Hearing Innovations Expo 2016 was The Dash, a “Hearable”, by Bragi. These wireless smart earphones are lightweight and waterproof. They have the ability to stream music, answer phone calls, and monitor physical activity. The sound quality is excellent and there appears to be great potential for… [Read More]