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Why are proper hearing aids more expensive than internet devices?

Often the most asked question by those seeking help with hearing loss is “Why are hearing aids so expensive?” As most insurances do not cover hearing aids, this is usually the primary concern for most consumers. The answer to this question is comprised of many different parts which all should be taken into consideration when… [Read More]

How Do I Know If I Need A Hearing Aid?

Many people lose their hearing as they age. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, “1 in 4 Americans between ages 65 and 74 have hearing loss” and “1 in 2 Americans over age 75 have hearing loss.” Often, because this is a slow process happening over a long period of time,… [Read More]

Where is the Best Place to Get My Hearing Tested in West Central Florida?

When seeking hearing healthcare, there are many options to navigate. Often newspapers, television commercials, and radio stations are bombarded with advertisements for places to go for hearing aids. How do you determine the best resource out of so many options? Generally, when it comes to hearing healthcare, there are three primary options: hearing instrument specialists,… [Read More]

Hearing Loss: A Shared Journey to a Better Life

Often people who experience hearing loss are the last to realize there is a problem. Because most people lose hearing gradually over a period of years, it can be difficult to distinguish what is being missed. In that time, as our hearing is slowly changing, our brains are also slowly adapting to this “new normal,”… [Read More]

Review of United Healthcare hearing aid benefits in South Pasadena

If you are a United Healthcare (UHC) insurance plan patient in South Pasadena and are looking for hearing aids, you may have benefits. Many UCH plans offer varying levels of coverage ranging from a pre-determined amount useable toward your hearing aid purchase, to full coverage for premium technology. Alternatively, your specific plan may only provide an option for mail-order hearing aids. These are generally basic technology devices which are programed remotely and then mailed to your home. In some… [Read More]

United Healthcare Hearing Aid Providers in St. Petersburg, FL

When looking for a United Healthcare (UHC) hearing aid provider in St. Petersburg, FL it can be difficult to navigate your options. Gardner Audiology in St. Petersburg/Carillon is an active UHC insurance provider and can assist you in understanding your benefits and options. Many of UHC’s different plans include hearing aid benefits with varying levels of coverage, which could range from a preset amount to be used toward a hearing aid purchase, to full coverage for premium level hearing technology. In addition to our… [Read More]

Picking a United Healthcare Hearing Aid Provider in South Tampa

When selecting a United Healthcare (UHC) hearing aid provider in South Tampa there are several options. Gardner Audiology is a participating UHC insurance provider and our goal is to provide easier access to affordable hearing aids and outstanding patient care. Our insurance experts will help you understand your UHC plan and our board-certified audiologists will provide you with expert care and recommendations. When looking further into your UHC plan, it may include hearing aid benefits which can offer varying levels of coverage. These benefits can range from a preset amount to… [Read More]

United Healthcare Hearing Aid Benefits in Citrus Park, Tampa, Florida

Gardner Audiology in Citrus Park, Tampa, FL is a participating provider for United Healthcare (UHC) insurance. UHC provides patients with several different insurance plans, some of which may include hearing aid benefits. Gardner’s United Healthcare providers and knowledgeable staff can verify and help navigate your benefits while providing you with expert hearing healthcare. Some United Healthcare plans offer full coverage for premium level… [Read More]