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Optimum Health Medicare Hearing Aid Providers in Dunnellon, FL

Did you know Optimum Healthcare Medicare Advantage Plans such as HMO or PPO offer hearing aid coverage? Both of these plans provide discounted hearing aid pricing and additional benefits. Your audiologist at Gardner Audiology is given the pricing for all major hearing aid manufacturers and will offer you the necessary pricing to pick out the best hearing aids… [Read More]

Humana Medicare Hearing Aid Providers in Spring Hill, Florida

Do you have a Humana Medicare plan, but you are unsure what the hearing aid plan entails? Humana Medicare plan provides a generously discount plan on hearing aid coverage or discounted pricing.     The Humana Medicare plan extends its contract to a third-party company called HearUSA, which provides the latest hearing aid technology from all major manufactures…. [Read More]

Best Audiologist in Zephyrhills, Florida Is Dr. Jodi Conter

If you are looking for the most experienced Audiologist in Zephyrhills, FL, then look no further than Gardner Audiology! Dr. Jodi Conter is one of the most highly experienced audiologists in Florida. During 35 years in hearing healthcare she has seen the drastic improvements in hearing aid technology, from using a screwdriver to adjust the… [Read More]

Best Audiologist in Dunnellon is Dr. Schenk

Your hearing loss can be frustrating at times. Picking out the hearing aids can be overwhelming and finding out who can help you can be confusing. That is why Dr. Schenk at Gardner Audiology can provide you with the most relaxing patient-care experience, because not only does she have 22 years of experience, but her… [Read More]

Marion county, Dunnellon Audiologist offers the solution to understand muffled speech from masks

During this pandemic, we can all agree that it is a tough time to cope with all the mask regulations implemented in different parts of Florida. Normal hearing people can get by with not reading lips when a speaker wears a mask. On the other hand, hearing impaired people have a more challenging time understanding people with a mask on.   Fortunately, Starkey… [Read More]

Dunnellon, Florida, Hearing Doctor offers Signia Hearing Aid Mask Mode

Do you have trouble understanding people with a mask on? Have you heard of the Signia app’s new Mask Mode feature?  Dr. Angela Schenk, a Dunnellon Audiologist, is an authorized Signia Hearing aid provider. She is knowledgeable about the new Signia mask mode.   COVID-19 has changed a lot of our life aspects, especially wearing a mask. Whether you have a hearing impairment or… [Read More]

Signia’s new Mask Mode overcome the muffled speech of Mask Wearers in Zephyrhills

Did you know the Signia app has a new feature call Mask Mode? Did you know it can help you understand a person with a mask on?    The pandemic affected everyone’s lives, especially social distancing, and wearing a mask around others. But this can be more difficult for someone of hard of hearing because people’s… [Read More]

Signia Hearing Aids new Mask Mode in Spring Hill, Florida

Do you currently wear Signia’s hearing aid? Are you having trouble understanding people with a mask on? If so, then have you heard of Signia’s new Mask Mode? If you are wearing hearing aids, you probably have difficulty understanding people with masks on since you rely on hearing and reading their lips. Fortunately, Signia updated… [Read More]

Oticon Hearing Aid Provider in Dunnellon, Marion County, Florida

Do you have difficulty listening to speech in a noisy environment with your current hearing aids? If so, then you are in luck with Oticon’s newest hearing aids that can help you!   Oticon’s latest and greatest hearing aid is called the Oticon Opn S miniRITE. This hearing aid is operated under a powerful platform called the Velox S… [Read More]

Doctoral Extern with Hearing Loss at Gardner Audiology in Spring Hill, Florida:

When I was a six-year-old, I was late-diagnosed with hearing loss in both ears. I could’ve been born with it or it may have been caused by ear infections. Growing up, I missed out on opportunities because I felt embarrassed wearing my hearing aids since they were bulky and stuck out.   Thankfully, with hearing aid technology changing over the years, I now wear my… [Read More]