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BlueCross BlueShield Hearing Aid Providers in St. Pete, Clearwater, Tampa, FL

Do you have BlueCross BlueShield insurance? Have you looked into your hearing aid benefits? Here at Gardner Audiology in Tampa, St.Pete and Clearwater, we are BlueCross BlueShield providers. One of our insurance specialists would be happy to look into possible benefits you may have.

There are a few different benefits we commonly see.

Some patients have a monetary benefit which they can use to purchase hearing aids directly through Gardner Audiology. This means you will be given an allotted amount to spend. The amount can vary.

Another benefit commonly seen with BCBS is through a third party. With a third party benefit your hearing aids will be ordered from a separate company, typically at a discounted rate, and sent to us to fit for you in-office. Highly discounted, privately labeled hearing aids may also be available to you through the third-party company.

Coverage of follow-up visits varies, so it’s important to ask your provider about any future charges.

After a Gardner Audiology insurance specialist verifies your benefits, a Doctor of Audiology will review your hearing loss and talk about options that fall within your benefit. We offer a wide range of options and prices!

To make an appointment for a free visit with a Doctor call us at 1-800-277-1182 or email us at

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Camilla Czulada, B.A.. Gardner Audiology Doctoral Extern

Camilla Czulada, B.A.. Gardner Audiology Doctoral Extern

USF Audiology Doctoral Student