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Dizzy and Balance Testing in Citrus Park, Tampa, FL

Do you experience frequent dizziness, spinning, falls, or the feeling of being off balance? Audiologists are doctors for both hearing and balance. Our Gardner Audiologists in Citrus Park, Tampa, FL have the ability to assess your balance system with special equipment Our Audiologists will ensure you are informed on the process before, during, and after… [Read More]

United Auto Worker thrilled with her Blue Cross Blue Shield hearing aid benefit for Starkey Muse hearing aids

Patient CC came to the Zephyrhills office of Gardner Audiology in February of 2019. She suffers from a moderate hearing loss and was having difficulty understanding conversation and television and was very frustrated. She had a benefit for hearing aids through UAW retiree BCBS insurance coverage and was able to order a set of hearing… [Read More]

Gardner Audiology Mentors Future Hearing Doctors

Gardner Audiology is a multi-clinic audiology practice with locations throughout Florida. Over the past several years they have partnered with six universities to take on Audiology Doctoral students in their final year of study. These students are required to have a year of supervised clinical experience in the fourth year of their doctoral programs called… [Read More]

Where Is the Best Place to Get a Hearing Test in Clearwater, FL?

Many times, people put off getting a hearing test because they don’t think their hearing is ‘that bad’, or they simply don’t know where to go for an accurate hearing test! Even if you don’t feel you are ready for hearing aids yet, it is important to know the status of your hearing and ways… [Read More]

What are the signs of your hearing Loss?

Are you unsure if you need a hearing aid? Not sure where to start? For many individuals, hearing loss occurs gradually. It can be easy to not notice you are having difficulty hearing. Here are some common reports we receive from patients that have not had their hearing tested before: People sound like they are… [Read More]

Do you need a hearing test in Tampa Bay, Florida?

  Consumer reports recently posted an article detailing some expert advice on when and how often you should get a hearing test. This article details why getting tested is important, spotting possible signs of hearing trouble, how to be sure whether there’s a problem, and the best ways to get tested correctly. This article also… [Read More]

Dunnellon Audiologist travels to Tallahassee in support of The Hearing Care for Children Act

Last January, my children and I went to the capitol in Tallahassee seeking support for The Hearing Care for Children Act.  The Act would require private insurances in the state of Florida to cover hearing aids for children 0-21, similar to bills in 24 other states as well subsidized insurances in all states.   Unfortunately, the… [Read More]

Dunnellon doctor tips for best communication with a Hearing Aid User

1. Do NOT talk from another room. Not being able to see the speaker drastically cuts down on the hearing impaired person’s ability to “understand” what is being said. Additionally, as volume decreases with distance, by the time the sound reaches the hearing impaired individual, it is likely that the sound is too soft for… [Read More]

Discount hearing aid provider in Dunnellon, Florida

With select insurance plans, you may be eligible for discounted hearing aids through TruHearing. TruHearing, a third-party payer that partners with your insurance company, provides reliable and affordable hearing aids that meet your needs. As a TruHearing provider, your Board-Certified Gardner Audiologist located in Dunnellon, Florida can discuss your possible benefits and hearing aid options… [Read More]

Gardner Audiology Announces New Location in Dunnellon, Marion County, Florida

Gardner Audiology is now accepting appointments at their new Dunnellon location. Dr. Angela Schenk and her associates will be helping improve the quality of people’s lives with the best possible hearing. Gardner Audiology Doctors are providers for Medicare, Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tricare, Care Plus, Federal Employee Plans and many more…. [Read More]