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Best Authorized Blue Cross Blue Shield hearing Aid Providers in Spring Hill, FL

Gardner Audiology’s Spring Hill location is an authorized Blue Cross/Blue Shield hearing healthcare provider. If you are unsure of your exact benefit, our staff in equipped to answer all your questions. Additionally, we have a designated insurance benefit to help you determine the exact benefits of your plan. Contact our Spring Hill location for a… [Read More]

Gardner Audiology patient says new hearing aids have been his “best friends”

“Gardner Audiology has been awesome! I love that I can hear again. My hearing aids have become my best friend during these initial two weeks. I can now finally hear my wife mention all the items I haven’t completed on my honey-do list.”

Inverness, Florida Authorized United Healthcare Hearing Aid Provider

Gardner Audiology, located in Inverness, FL, is an authorized provider for United Healthcare (UHC) insurance plans. While understanding, your insurance can be a bit confusing, our knowledgeable staff can help verify your benefits and give your more insight to what you benefit your UHC plan will provide. Patients with UHC insurance may have a plan… [Read More]

Authorized United Healthcare Hearing Aid Provider in Clearwater, Florida

If you have United Healthcare, you came to the right place!  For several years now, United Healthcare (UHC) Medicare Complete members had limited hearing aid benefits. Here at Gardner Audiology in Clearwater, Florida we are an authorized UHC Hearing Aid Provider. This means that we can assist you with all your hearing health needs as well as… [Read More]

Authorized ReSound Hearing Aid Center in Dunnellon, Florida

As hearing aids evolve, our requests for better hearing become more complex. Patients are interested in technology that is rechargeable, has immaculate sound quality, and compatible with their smart phones. ReSound is one of the manufactures that checks off all those requests.  Most patient turn to ReSound as their products fall in line with patients’ needs for better hearing… [Read More]

Best United Healthcare Hearing Aid Provider in Dunnellon, Florida

Have a United Healthcare (UHC) insurance plan? We know that understanding what your insurance plan offers can be intricate. Our insurance specialists would be happy to contact your insurance company to verify your benefits. At Gardner Audiology, we try to make it easy, we have a team that will verify benefits ahead of your appointment. … [Read More]

The Best Authorized ReSound Hearing Center in Inverness, Florida

Feel as though you are not hearing as well as you once use to? Looking at getting the latest hearing aid technology? It is vital to consider a product that is best suited for you. At Gardner Audiology in Inverness our audiologists will help you decide on which hearing aid is appropriately matched to your… [Read More]

This is your invitation for Free Loan of Livio Hearing Aid

The first hearing aid with artificial intelligence.  Time Magazine award for one of the 100 best inventions. Imagine an affordable hearing aid with a tiny, intelligent microchip that: Mimics your ear’s natural hearing. Delivers understandable sound quality in noisy places.  Compatible with iPhone’s and some Android phones.  No batteries to change. Select models can translate… [Read More]

The Best Authorized ReSound Hearing Aid Center in Clearwater

Looking at improving your quality of life. As a future hearing aid consumer, it is important to consider a product that is compatible with your hearing needs, lifestyle, as well as your budget.  It may be hard to make that decision on a product that best suits you. At Gardner Audiology in Clearwater our audiologists… [Read More]

Tampa Bay Doctors Look in My Ears

Even though the primary role of an audiologist is to diagnose and treat hearing loss, we are concerned with your overall hearing health. Therefore, anytime you are seen by an audiologist, we will look in your ears with an instrument called an ‘otoscope.’ This instrument allows us to examine various things that are important to… [Read More]