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For Phonak Hearing Aids, See a Doctor Not a Salesman in Citrus Park Tampa, FL.

Take a minute and marvel at these Phonak hearing aids! With Phonak’s new Marvel technology, you will have a “clear, rich sound experience” that you won’t want to end. As authorized Phonak providers, Gardner Audiology in Citrus Park Tampa has Doctors ready to program these devices to fit your lifestyle and provide access to this… [Read More]

See a Citrus Park Tampa, FL Doctor Not a Salesman, to buy Starkey Hearing Aids.

On the search for better hearing and improved quality of life? Gardner Audiologists in Citrus Park Tampa are here to help! As authorized Starkey hearing aid providers, our doctors will offer the right options to fit your needs. As Doctors and not Salesmen, our primary goal is to help you hear better and live better…. [Read More]

Best Repair Center in Citrus Park Tampa, FL for Widex Hearing Aids.

Are you missing parts to your Widex hearing aids or looking to get them serviced? Gardner Audiology will accept active repair and loss and damage warranties at our in-office repair center at our Citrus Park Tampa location. For more severe damages, our Audiologists will handle it by sending your devices to Widex’s repair lab in… [Read More]

Best Repair Center for Oticon Hearing Aids in Citrus Park Tampa, FL.

Have you purchased Oticon hearing aids that are no longer working? Our Gardner Audiologists are here to assist you in diagnosing the problem in our repair center located in Citrus Park Tampa. If unable to fix in-office, our team will send your device to Oticon’s repair lab in New Jersey where your active repair and… [Read More]

Best ReSound Hearing Aid Repair Center in Citrus Park Tampa, FL.

Do you wear ReSound hearing aids? Have you dropped them on the floor? In the pool? Chewed by your pet? Or even lost on vacation? Gardner Audiology’s repair center will accept current manufacturer repair and loss and damage warranties to resolve the issue in-office or with ReSound’s repair lab in Minnesota. For more information, contact… [Read More]

Best Repair Center in Citrus Park Tampa, FL for Signia Hearing Aids.

Does your Signia hearing aid sound weak or not turning on? Our Gardner Doctors in Citrus Park Tampa will assess the function of your Signia hearing aid and ensure proper working order in our repair center. If not functioning properly, we will honor your Signia warranties to service in office or send to Signia’s repair… [Read More]

Best Repair Center for Phonak Hearing Aids in Citrus Park Tampa, FL.

Are you unable to wear your Phonak hearing aid due to damage? Bring your Phonak hearing aid to the Gardner Audiology repair center in Citrus Park Tampa. Our team of professionals will identify and resolve the issue either in office or along with Phonak’s repair lab in Illinois. Purchased your Phonak hearing aid elsewhere? Gardner… [Read More]

Best Starkey Hearing Aid Repair Center in Citrus Park Tampa, FL.

Do you have a Starkey hearing aid that is broken or damaged? Gardner Audiology in Citrus Park Tampa has a repair center to service your Starkey hearing aid! Our repair center is fully equipped to change parts in-office for minor repairs. For major repairs, our Doctors will assist in servicing your device through Starkey’s repair… [Read More]

United Healthcare Hearing Aids in Clearwater, FL

Did you know many United Healthcare members have hearing aid benefits?  This year, changes were made to plan benefits to improve access to hearing aids for United Healthcare members.  One of the biggest changes is United Healthcare Hearing’s (UHCH) private label hearing aids, called the Relate.  UHCH teamed up with one of the industry’s major manufacturers… [Read More]

Best Hearing Aids in Clearwater, FL

Just like any other product, hearing aids are made by several manufacturers.  In the hearing industry, we commonly refer to them as the ‘big six’, however there are also other smaller companies that can be included as well.  Most people think of Starkey, Phonak, Oticon, Widex, Resound & Signia as the major hearing aid manufacturers.  Gardner Audiology… [Read More]