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Cost Versus Value of Over The Counter Hearing Aids in Citrus Park, Tampa

Last year the U.S. Congress passed a bill allowing consumers to buy hearing aids without a hearing test or support of a licensed professional.

Consumer groups and hearing healthcare professionals are waiting for the FDA to define what an over the counter (OTC) hearing aid is and, how the consumer will be protected. Hopefully this will happen sometime in 2018 or early 2019.

Over the counter hearing aids will be cheaper. What will over the counter hearing aids cost and will they be a better value than prescription fit hearing aids? I predict that prices for OTC aids will range from $400 to $600 each. That will not include the cost of hearing exam, professional adjustments and counseling if needed. You will be on your own for the cost of those services. Obviously a $590 name brand hearing aid that included a hearing exam and prescription fitting would be a better value. Do local hearing aid stores and audiologists offer hearing aids at these prices? You might be pleasantly surprised! People have access to more hearing healthcare providers in the competitive atmosphere of Tampa.

Gardner Audiology has a good quality $490 hearing aid that includes the services of a hearing doctor for exam, fitting and follow up care.

Some people will benefit from OTC aids but I expect that over 35% of these devices will be returned for refunds. Buyers should verify and document that they have a money back return privilege.

Call Gardner Audiology at 1-813-265-2265 for more information about Over The Counter hearing aids.

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Daniel Gardner, M.S.

Daniel Gardner, M.S.

Founder and CEO of Gardner Audiology