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Gardner Audiology Hearing Services

Hearing Services:

At Gardner Audiology, our doctors are patient focused and offer better hearing solutions for consumers regardless of budget. Our experience and expertise provides the pathway to exceptional patient care. We improve the quality of our patient’s lives with the best possible hearing. During your appointment, you will receive a proper hearing exam and receive recommendations based on you, your lifestyle, and your budget.

  • Our hearing services include:
  • Fitting and repair of all 6 major hearing aid manufacturers
  • Onsite service and repair lab
  • Stock parts for the major manufacturers
  • Custom earmold impressions and orders
  • Custom noise plugs
  • Musician monitors
  • And more, just ask!

We are participating providers for most insurance companies, and have specialists in house to verify your coverage and explain your benefits. It is important to be comfortable with your provider. See a doctor, not a salesman.

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