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United Healthcare Medicare Hearing Aid Providers in Dunnellon, Florida

There are about five United Healthcare Medicare Advantage plans, and they all provide deeply discounted hearing aids to members! These plans can help keep your out-of-pocket cost down and focus more on the quality of the hearing aids.

The United Healthcare Medicare Advantage plans contract with a third-party company called Epic or United Healthcare Hearing for top-level technology hearing aids in all major manufacturers. The plan offers various hearing aid technology levels and styles to serve every hearing loss. These devices have rechargeability, noise reduction, Bluetooth connectivity, and so much more! Some even have fall detection features! In addition, United Healthcare Medicare Advantage plans provide a 45-day trial period on the day you are fitted with hearing aids. This means you can return or exchange for better devices during the trial period. Also, keep in mind that a few of your visits to Gardner Audiology are 100% covered by your insurance.

Make sure you get onto Medicare Open Enrollment soon! Gardner Audiology in Dunnellon is an authorized and in-network provider for United Healthcare Medicare Advantage plans. To learn more, please contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182 or email for more information.

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Neil Vanchipurakel, B.S. – Doctoral Extern

Neil Vanchipurakel, B.S. – Doctoral Extern